Founded in 2019, Dilaton Defence Indigeneously Designs, Develops, and Manufactures Autonomous Combat Drones for Defence Establishments of India and our Allies.

We envision AI-Pilots are the new fighting machines and would single-handedly be dominating every battlefield in the near future


With the advancement of technologies the whole concept of security and conflicts have gone through a transformation. Today the effectiveness of any defence establishment is not determined by the sheer size as its been demonstrated in multiple military conflicts in recent times. The modern warfare is all about smartness and Intelligence with minimal human causality. Today the size and volume of people and armory is being replaced by


Adding Intelligence to the devices to enhance the current human capability. This is not about replacing human with machines, but making machine more effective


The speed and agility with which any information is made available and processed, makes a difference between the winner and loser. Defence strategies are looking forward to systems where the information can be received as quickly as possible to get sufficient time to process and act upon.


High quality Surveillance anywhere any time becomes important for enhanced security and effective combat capabilities. Security establishments need high quality surveillance data even from areas which cannot be reached by humans


Data collection and processing is key to quality of decision making by our defence establishment. Reactive human action is being replaced by predictive data modelling, helping humans to take better decision


We have a six-fold belief system which defines our work

Augment Human Capability

Enhancing the current capabilities of our defence forces by building products which

can work in areas in-accessible by humans

Collect information across any geography or demography

Can process Terabytes of data in no time


Empower our customers

We are building solutions, systems, devices etc. which can empower our customers by providing actionable intelligence by facilitating optimal scenarios of operations. Thereby enable them to make get out of the human limits and provide data driven decision making


Work with Conviction

We work with sheer:





To achieve our customer’s objectives


Making Smarter

We make the devices and equipment smarter and intelligent by implementing our state of art frameworks of

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Reinforcement Learning


Problem Solver

We believe in providing solutions for every





Securing National Interests

We focus on achieving success in everything we do. Our success is aligned with the success of our customers, which is to secure our


National Boundaries


Meet The Team

Meet our small team that make those great products

Alok Gotam
CEO MBA, IIM Ahmedabad, Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Deep Thinker and Speaker
Nishant Singh
CTO Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur, Seasoned AI Architect, Techno think tank and AGI enthusiast
Kumar Mayank
Chief Data Scientist Mathematics, IIT Kanpur, Expert at AI Modelling, Specialises in Data Deep Dive and a Music lover
Maj, Hemant Solanki
COO AFP, IIM Ahmedabad, Retd Indian Army Officer, Leader in Operational Excellence
Capt. Tarun Ghanghas
Business Development AFP, IIM Ahmedabad, Indian Army Officer, A high spirited team driver and passionate business leader
Kumar Parthjeet
Operations Electronics and Engineering, KIIT Bhubaneshwar, Product Delivery specialist and an Avid reader
Priyaranjan Singh
Marketing Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, New Delhi, Marketing and Media Communications
Sumi Tandon
Product Computer Science, IIIT, Quality Assurance and User Experience